Marketing and Referral Development

Marketing / Census Support

  • Assess and develop new products and services according to market needs
  • Assess external relationships with community based entities as they relate to referral development admissions and potential “partnership” programs and services
  • Educate and train appropriate staff in the importance of marketing and customer service
  • Evaluate a competitive comparison relative to the position of the facility and its competitors
  • Evaluation of barriers to admissions
  • Implement a customized, effective Marketing Strategy to meet and exceed budgeted goals
  • Increase occupancy, balance payor mix and unify admission criteria
  • Integrate a census-driven Marketing Team focusing on product and service development.

Benefits of the Products

  • Create a competitive community
  • Create a customer service-driven culture
  • Create nursing and marketing teams
  • Develop products to serve the community
  • Meet budget expectations
  • Train personnel to succeed
  • Train to evaluate appropriate admissions