Clinical Support

  • Director of Nursing Training and Support.
  • MDS Coordinator Training and Support
  • Nursing Department Benchmarking
  • Nursing Department Budget Training
  • Nursing Department Competency Programs
  • Nursing Documentation Training for Compliance, Reimbursement and Risk Management
  • Nursing Management Tools
  • Nursing PPD Analysis and Comprehensive Data Collection
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategic Planning
  • Web Based Conferences

Clinical Market Specialties

  • Dementia Care Program and Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Personal Care Homes
  • Mock Surveys for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Personal Care Homes
  • Pain Management
  • Palliative Care Program and Training
  • Restorative Nursing Program and Training
  • Wound Care Consultation, Programs and Training.

Benefits of the Products

  • Builds effective clinical leaders and manager
  • Creates documentation for appropriate reimbursement
  • Creates strong scheduling modules
  • Develop services to meet community needs
  • Effective nurse training
  • Identifies areas for performance improvement
  • Identifies areas of risk
  • Maintains compliance with Department of Health / Department of Human Services
  • Nursing budget controls